Kids Birthday Decoration Ideas

Child’s birthday? Just celebrate the child’s birthday at home, no need to celebrate in a restaurant or a building until you have to rent. If you need some ideas, you can visit . Here are the ideas for decorating a child’s birthday at home that is simple and economical:

Balloon decoration for children’s birthday is one element of decoration that is very versatile. You can decorate with just this one element and produce a surprising “wow” effect. Currently, there are many kinds of balloons, ranging from metallic balloons, giant balloons up to 100 cm in diameter, letter balloons, and many more.

Tile Cloth
You will be amazed by the results of this tile decoration. Easy application (usually just needs to be tied up), but gives a very pretty touch. Tile fabrics can also be used to wrap balloons, garlands, decorate tables, and even backgrounds for photo booths.

Crepe Paper & Tissue Paper
Crepe paper & tissue paper, which are relatively cheap, are also very versatile. You can decorate the ceiling to the wall for a child’s birthday background. Currently, crepe paper and tissue paper applications have also been circulating in cute forms such as pom-poms, honeycomb, pinwheel, and so on, which certainly makes it easier for you to make birthday decorations.

Print Cartoon Figures
For birthday decorations, you can also print your little one’s favorite cartoon figures in large sizes and stick them in the middle of the table. At the time of the final result, you will be amazed to see how the table looks like the dress of the character you printed earlier.

Another interesting idea for party decoration at home is umbrellas. You can stretch the ropes & link colorful umbrellas between the ropes. Voila! Your guests will surely be amazed by the results.

Colorful wooden chairs
If you have used wood, we can turn it into a small chair for the invitation seat. Use paint and paint the chair in bright colors. The party chair will match the already vibrant table decor.

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