Refresh Your Teamwork with Paintball

After a full year of working with a fairly solid rhythm and workload, it feels like the occasional need to rebuild the spirit and cohesiveness of the work team by playing paintball. You can choose a game that resembles a war simulation game as a game that is expected to refresh your teamwork spirit. Get the best gadget on

Paintball is very safe to play because what is used as a weapon is not a rifle but a marker filled with 50 bullets made from paint/food coloring, for each participant. Participants also have to wear special uniforms like soldiers equipped with chest protectors and goggles that are used as a face and eye protection. Indeed, paintball is commonly played with the intention of building teamwork, training to set strategies to achieve common goals, communicating and directing members in achieving goals.

The rules that apply to paintball and must be obeyed by all game participants include:

Participants are not allowed to remove googles/masks while in the game area, this is intended to protect and prevent injuries to the face and eyes caused by stray bullets.
Each marker has a lock, the instructor will instruct the marker to always be locked when not in use.
Do not shoot the enemy at a position/range too close. Even though the bullets used only paint, if they are fired at high speed and they hit an unprotected part, it can cause bruising on the skin. Although there are risk factors for bruises on the skin, this is precisely what makes the sensation of a war simulation being played even more pronounced.
Participants who were hit by gunfire are no longer able to play.

If you want to play paintball, you can visit our website for the best equipment. In addition, you can find tips and tricks that we provide when playing paintball. There are lots of benefits that you can get with just paintball, so let’s start playing paintball.

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