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Knowing The Basics Of Softball

Softball games include team games that can be grouped into hit ball games. You have probably heard of the word baseball pitching machine. It is a movement skill in softball that needs to be known and mastered, namely the skills of holding the stick, hitting, and throwing. In softball games, holding the ball-bat should not be arbitrary. This will affect the result of the ball hit. Here’s how the stick is held with two hands close together. The joint between the two and three fingers above is in line with the middle of the third knuckle underneath. The position of the handle is as comfortable as possible to make the stroke.

In this case, you also need to pay attention to the correct hitting motion in this softball game. First, hold the bat the way you hold the bat. Second, the posture is slightly bent, directed at the throw of the ball. Third, legs are opened as comfortable as possible, fourth, swing your arms backward followed by a slight rotation of the body. Fifth, when the ball comes, immediately swing both arms and hands back so the ball is hit by a bat. Direct the punch down, along the ground or soar far back. The sixth is when hitting followed by the body rotating slightly as a continuous movement.

Besides that, you also need to know about throwing skills. In this softball game, there are several types of throws, one of which is throwing the ball low. The motion of throwing a low ball is like the hand holding the ball, looking at the target or a friend, both legs are slightly opened, bending the body, hands down the back straight with the direction of the forward throw the ball along the ground, and when throwing follow the steps of one foot forward.