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Know What Is an Audiophile

When we buy audio devices such as speakers, earphones, or join a community of music lovers, we often hear the term Audiophile. Maybe for some people, this term is still strange to hear, so what is an Audiophile? And what are things every true audiophile should have?

Audiophile comes from two words, namely audio which means hearing (Latin), and Philos which mean love (greek). This means that people who love the high-quality sound with full appreciation. Audiophile is a cool term for people who have a hobby of looking for high-quality audio using several special components such as electronic and high-end audio. Always pay attention to the detail of the sound quality that he hears, which is the hallmark of an audiophile when doing his hobby. It’s not easy to be a part of it because you have to know some unique terms like the following.

Blurred and Balance
Blurred is an audiophile term which means a sound that has a short and poor response. It is characterized by the presence of an unclear or blurry and unfocused stereo image resulting in a sound that is not very good. While for Balance itself is the opposite, namely the results of the sound which are balanced and have the same portion. So there is no one that is more dominant.

Blanketed and Airy
In the audiophile world, Blanketed speakers are the result of a low or weak high-pitched sound as if a blanket covers it. So you can be sure if the sound quality is soft enough to hear. Meanwhile, Airy can be interpreted as the result of the sound from a musical instrument that is open without any obstacles in a large room with a fairly good frequency, reaching 15-20 kHz.

Krackling and Fat Driver
The term Driver Krackling was coined because there was a cracking sound when the Audiophile Earphones pressed the listening component to the ear. Meanwhile, Fat is defined as full or full. Namely sounds that sound as if they are moving to one side, then slowing down, and then moving in another direction.