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These Flowers Are Popular Gifts Among Millenials

Flowers are a symbol of affection and love for someone who has meaning in our lives. Generally, couples who receive it will be happy and pour out their happiness through social media which is currently a trend among the community. In addition to couples, flowers can also be given to closest friends and family by celebrating their special moments such as birthdays, graduation celebrations, or thanks. You can also buy fresh, beautiful flowers at m&s flowers. So what types of flowers do millennials like best?

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The first favorite flower for millennials is roses, yes, this one flower is already familiar to our ears. Over time, the rose in its beauty has been a source of joy in expressing the innermost contents of the heart. Not only as an expression of love, but this flower can also be given as an apology, you know.


Because it is so popular, it is not surprising that nowadays Tulip is a favorite choice of millennials and is also widely used as a wedding flower bouquet.

Tulips have a pretty shape with a soft, sweet side. According to Old Farmer’s Almanac and The Flower Expert, people who love tulips are confident and thinkers. Wow, no wonder so many love this one flower.


Lily is one type of flower that is very beautiful. In fact, not infrequently white lilies are used as flowers that are made as wedding decorations.

Not only a cute name, but lily also has a charming and sweet appearance right? Besides that, the lily is a fragrant flower. In Chinese culture, the white lily flower symbolizes purity, virtue, and sincerity. Now, after knowing what it means, are you interested in giving it to someone?


What do you think of when you hear the word cherry blossoms? Japan, right? Or South Korea? Yep, this beautiful little flower is only owned by a country that has only four seasons. As we all know that the cherry blossoms will bloom in spring. Local people believe that this cherry blossom is used as a symbol for their hope for life.