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Drying Carpet After Water Damage

Have you ever had a problem with a carpet that doesn’t dry out after water damage? This is certainly very annoying, especially if you do not use a http://freshhealthycarpetcleaning.com. Because this problem occurs quite often, a home carpet cleaning service will help you by providing several steps that you can use to solve the problem. Want to know how? Let’s see together below.

1. Use a special product, a carpet press tool, or a spinner rug. As the name implies, this tool is only used specifically for drying rugs that are still wet or damp. The press machines can provide a dry percentage of between 90 – 95 percent in a fairly short time. However, according to their very large function, the prices of the two machines are also quite expensive. However, if used in the laundry business, it will certainly be very profitable compared to having to wait too long if it is dried in the hot sun.

2. Dry with a hairdryer. In this case, it cannot be done carelessly. Only for damp rugs, not for rugs that are still too wet because it will damage the electronic appliance to be used. If the rainy season, of course, the heat of the sun will decrease and this reduces the intensity of heat delivered in the carpet drying process and creates damp (imperfect dry). In humid conditions, you are allowed to directly use a hairdryer to remove any remaining moisture with the resulting heat. Keep in mind if you want to use a hairdryer not to be in the same part for too long because it could damage the carpet. Try moving the hairdryer from top to bottom repeatedly from end to end so that the remaining water does not flow to the other parts. Or you could use a wet vacuum if you have. Those are the methods you can use to dry a wet carpet, when the carpet is dry don’t forget to apply fragrance so that the damp smell disappears.
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