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Do You Want To Know How To Hide Your Whatsapp Status?

The Story feature is not only owned by Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The popular messaging app WhatsApp also has a similar feature called “Status”. The Status feature on WhatsApp will be visible to all your contacts. But if you don’t want your status to be snooped on, especially by contacts who aren’t close to you, don’t panic first. There is an option to hide a status from your contacts. Apart from that, if you also need fresh quotes for your Whatsapp Status in Hindi, you can visit https://www.whtsappstatus.com/ right away.

The method is very easy. You just have to try this method:

– After you’ve opened the Whatsapp, you must select the ‘Status’ tab.
– Press the button with the three dots on the right.
– Select the option ‘Privacy Status’.
– After opening the ‘Privacy Status’ option the user will be given the option to share their status.
– ‘My Contacts’ to allow all contacts to see author Status. ‘My Contacts Except …’ to allow all contacts to see Author status, except for selected contacts. ‘Only Share With …’ will only allow a few contacts selected by the author to see their Status.
– Press the ‘Done’ button and now your Status on WhatsApp is hidden.